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Fully equipped!

The new treadmill DT7 from Diadora is dictated through a strong 2PS motor, big running surface and innovated swing arm damping system. A chest strap for the telemetric heart rate measure is all part of the delivered contents. The DT7 is also well suited for committed running training.


Easy Fold System: easily fold up the treadmill and you can store it just anywhere.

Easy Transport: large transportation wheels pop out automatically when folding up the treadmill and allow an easy handling and allows you an easy manoeuvrability.

Motor: 2.0 HP continuous power garantee a sound engine power and easy running characteristics. Speed up to 16 km/h

Running Surface: 45 x 130cm ideal for committed training.

Deck: Phenol coated, multiple glued

10% level incline adjustment: automatical incline level adjustment of the belt.

Smart Pulse Hand pulse sensors: ergonomical hand pulse sensors are perfect for running, attached in front of the console.

Swing Arm Suspension System: this patent-registered system utilises the best damping data available, avoiding double impact shocks and generating increased calorie consumption through longer muscular contraction phases.

LCD training computer Allows you to store exercise data of up to 9 user profiles. In addition, the computer displays clearly arranged exercise data such as level of speed, time, distance, calorie consumption and heart rate. Touch sensor keys react extremely quickly and therefore increase the safety of adjustments while running.

26 motivating exercise programs: a large number of target programs, profiles, and heart rate target programs systematically support every training setting

User weight limit: 120kg

Set Up Dimensions (LxBxH): 170x79x137 cm

Warranty: Diadora gives you 2 years warranty on material and manufacturing defects.


Body height: 50 – 250 cm

Body weight: 20 – 200 kg

Age: 10 – 99 years

Heart Rate: 0 – 199 beats/min

Calories: 0 – 999 kcal

Speed: 0,8 – 16,0 km/h

Time: 0:00 – 99:59 min

Distance: 0,0 – 99,9 km

Incline level: 1 – 12

Computer Programs

Program 1 – Manual
Specify your designated exercise by entering options like time, period, incline level, calories and speed for your personal training program.

Program 2 – Interval Incline
You can select between 9 different training levels. The intervals are challenging but also give you time to catch your breath. Depending on the level, the incline will adapt between 4 levels. The higher the level, the higher the incline intervals. After the preset time period the program automatically starts the cool down.

Program 3 – Interval Speed
Corresponding with program 2, here the speed will alter.

Program 4 – Weight reduction
You can select a training level between 1-9. The higher the level, the higher the intensity. The intensity control is operated by the adjustment of speed and incline according to the particular level. Thereby, fat burning as well as calorie demand are effectively supported. After the preset time period the program automatically starts the cool down.

Program 5 – Self learning/Competition
The preset distance is 5 km. According to your training condition you can adjust speed and incline during the exercise. After 5 km the program automatically starts the cool down phase.own ein.

Program 6 – Heart Rate Conrol
On the basis of your entered data (age, gender and weight) the treadmill develops an individual training in your heart rate zone and your personal target pulse. After a 3 minutes warm up the stress phase starts that keeps you within your training area. A cool down phase finalizes your exercise.

Model Diadora DT7 HRC
Item No. EU-DT7
Motor (duty-power) 2.0 HP
Running Range 45x130 cm
Damping Swing Arm Suspension
Speed 0.8-16 km/h
Incline elektronic 10%
Transportation wheels Yes
Computer LCD
Cardio-Program Yes
Programs 26
User 9
Pulse Sensor Hand pulse /chest strap
User weight limit 120 KG
Set Up Dimensions 170 x 79 x 137 cm
Fold Up Dimensions 100x79x143 cm
EN-Klasse EN957-6
RRP € 999,-
Floor Mat
  • Size: 150 x 70 (klein)
  • Item-Nr. EU-FLM70x150
  • RRP: € 29,95
  • Size: 200 x 110 (groß)
  • Item-No. EU-FLM110x200
  • RRP: € 39,95